About Water City Music

Sharing the joy of music-making with everyone

Water City Music inspires young musicians to perform at striking venues across the UK.

Led by artistic director Michael Bochmann MBE, we bring together musicians across the whole spectrum of abilities and experiences to enjoy playing together, and learning from one another.

Focus during covid

Since 2013, we have been known for our children’s music festivals in partnership with the Tower of London. These could not take place because of covid, so we have been developing our other areas, in particular, creating events that include all generations in performance.

We bring performance opportunities to children outside their school, where they play together with professionals and music students. Our regular Oasis concerts put this into practice at Southwark at the spacious and welcoming St George the Martyr church.


In October we featured 150 children performing at the Dragon Connects Festival in Southwark. During the day, music students performed in nearby care homes.

A major concert took place at Northleach church in Gloucestershire in Oct 21 in partnership with the Orchestra Pro Anima. 60 school children performed in this professional concert.

During the pandemic, we developed two on-line choirs for children across the country:

Tower of London choir, also featured on Sky News:

‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’ sung by 1000 children countrywide: 

We have developed special music resources for schools. Our first is now available online on this website.


Our programme for 2022 is aimed at bringing different generations together to perform. It will take place in multiple venues including Southwark, Northleach, and Leominster.

We are grateful to Arts Council England for their support.